How to Skin a Kill

by Mackenzie Cole

I am in you now, your skin covers
our same bones. I’m blossoming
in your cerebellum–like rust across
a gas can, spotting, but the sallow

color of rage. I fed you and shook
you and made you take it for your
own good.
      But here–your body knows
         I have made myself a
      part of your body, it
      knows person isn’t just one 
        we are generations
and our generations go bloodying
one another. I am:  I echo:  and I
                  am loud in you.

Mackenzie Cole’s work has appeared in Red Wheelbarrow, Willow Springs, Whiskey Island, Pacifica Literary Review, Ghost Town, and the Sonora Review. It has also been included in the collaborative anthology They Said and you can also find an extended poem, "Notes to my Stepfather" in Oxidant | Engine's second box set collection. Mackenzie lives in Missoula, Montana, and has an MFA from the University of Montana. 

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