by Cynthia Cruz

Already, we raced 
through frequencies 
of night

the woods unraveling 
her wet metallics 
back into us.

Diamond of light
and the inaudible
murmur of animals. 

A humming 
like the hour
when an unlucky
birth occurs. 

Always, a mottled pony and hounds
milling in the dark yard. 

The dead engines 
of cars.

your thin body

inside the sepulcher
of a white suit. 

Your hands. 



Cynthia Cruz is the author of six collections of poems: Dregs, How the End Begins, Wunderkammer, The Glimmering Room, Ruin, and Guidebooks for the Dead. Disquieting: Essays on Silence, a collection of critical essays on marginalization and silence, was published by Book*hug in 2019. Her second work of non-fiction, The Melancholia of Class, is forthcoming from Repeater Books in 2021.

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