[S: Sonnet]

by Tuhin Bhowal

“Is this really a canzone?” I never understood the question.

“How can you be so sure?” The way the winds trouble the grass, and the rains.

“Your absence constricts my heart?” In English, it’s much simpler.

“Can there be a substitute to forgiving?” Forgetting.

“Have you ever cried at an airport?” You kept kissing him for it was necessary.

“What do you have to say about entropy?” Ask your mother. 

“I’m trying to reach you. Can you hear me? Are you there? I’m sorry. Parataxis.

"Communication is magical.” That’s not even a question.

“Does time only exist in the human mind?” No.

“How often do you think about killing the President?” Only the Prime Minister.

“Australia or Bali or Bangalore?” Fuck those moons; I could’ve changed.

“Did you like the last novel you read?” Look up cosmological dilemma.

“Savoury or sweet?” Reality is the dream at the end of sleep.

“Is it a condition to leave?” Little by little, then all at once like disease.

Tuhin Bhowal’s poems and translations appear or are forthcoming in adda (Commonwealth Writers UK), Parentheses Journal, Poetry City USA, South Florida Poetry Journal, Night Heron Barks, Bacopa Literary Review, and elsewhere. He currently serves as a Poetry Editor at Bengaluru Review, Sonic Boom Journal and Yavanika Press. Tuhin tweets @secondhandsins.

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