The Mictecacihuatl, Walled by Cinquain of the Confederacion de Uniones Obreras Mexicanas

Jonathan Andrew Pérez, Esq.

 In honor of Luis N. Morones
 Orphic day laborers' trees –  
 I.C.E. – border-state guards  struck 
 the lot, tangerines dropped  into the rucksack of the underworld. 
 Fist-full, documentation, rose-red grounded fingers totter, 
 like Palominos on a day laborer’s tintop.
                         catch the Federation of Latinx 
 Transformative -frittered-ladyfingered 
 loud machinery, Industry, more than fingers 
 snap, culled, jammed, a cloud less thing
 like spiritualism, peeled-back skin in the two fires of this world 
 in the lap of a mountaintop—
                         the eight unions of strike
 whispered in hybridato, in Paqariq 
 Tampu, senses  the community’s silent steel  
 trucks; haul to the hanging  — in mines, local  acrostic, custom song 
 Eurydice’s recurrent scheme in the binary: 
 The underworld, or a walkabout.

                         for history
                         to unite
 No sun, no moon, just day-
 in day-out, the Cananea Strike of 1906, 
 a conceit, for the  grandchildren of midnight, 
 1928 left a song of body parts 
 before the end of the roads, meet.
                         the soil is the beginning
                         and rise of sky 
 down ridges, out copper 
 mines, a faint Corrido rung, no more due-paying  
 no master anomalies– dripped line-by-line, 
 repatriating what no broken fingers could have lost
 from giving up, its collective grip. 



Jonathan Andrew Pérez, Esq. has published poetry online and in print in but
not limited to: Prelude, The River Heron Review, Blood Tree Literature, The
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Jonathan’s first chapbook, The Cartographer of Crumpled Maps: The Justice
Elegies (2020) was published by Finishing Line Press, and his second
manuscript, The Diving: Dark was The Night of Justice, won the Burnside
Review Chapbook Prize and is scheduled for 2021.

Jonathan was selected by Cave Canem in 2018, and 2019 for workshops with
Cortney Lamar Charleston, and at the Virginia Quarterly with Jericho Brown.
He is a Pushcart Prize Nominee in Poetry 2019, and in the best of
Micro-fiction in 2020. He won the Split Lip Poetry Prize for 2019, and the
Burnside Review Chapbook Prize, 2020.

He has a day job as a trial attorney.

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